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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


If you want something done, ask a busy person.
                              —Benjamin Franklin
Joy Vestal epitomizes the above quote by Benjamin Franklin. Ed Black "found" her. Somehow he learned that she had had 50 years of experience working for Newsday, the Long Island daily newspaper. What a find it was at a needed time for our Village newspaper, the UCO ReporterJoy and Myron Silverman now coedit the publication, which gets kudos from all over, inside and outside the Village.

I wondered how Joy would handle being a UCO vice president two years ago. It seemed like a heavy workload. I needn't have worried. She has done a superb job at BOTH tasks and loves what she does. The VP job was not quite as easy as she thought it would be, but with a little help from others, especially Bob Marshall, she soon learned the ropes.

You will find Joy at UCO or at the Reporter office, but just because she is at the Reporter doesn't stop her from helping folk in her capacity as VP. Only yesterday I saw her at her Reporter desk patiently walking a resident through a difficult time she was having.

Don't let anyone tell you "It's time for a change" with Joy—or for that matter with any of Dave Israel's team. They are experienced and dedicated and work very well together.

Finally, to Bob Marshall, retiring as UCO vice president, thank you for your years of service to this Village, including getting us through the hurricane years when you were UCO president. Yours has been a steady hand at the tiller.


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