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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Profile of a Doer: Ed Black

Ed Black is everywhere. When lightning strikes a guardhouse, Ed is the first on the scene. When anyone has a complex question on bylaws or 718 regulations or how associations can deal with foreclosures, Ed is the go-to person. He has served for years, often without benefit of office, as appointed chair of Security, Channel 63 and member of 13 committees from Bar Code Installation, IT, Disaster and CERT to Finance, Advisory, Infrastructure and Operations. He also served as Treasurer and Vice President.

Ed has been a resident of Century Village for 14 years. He served his country as a Vietnam veteran assigned to Air Force Security Services and spent nine months in a program at Yale to become a Chinese interpreter. Ed spearheaded the WPRF Asset Recovery Program so that WPRF could take over underwater units to free associations from oppressive costs and foreclosures. To date 25 units have benefited from the program. The win-win is that underwater units now pay WPRF fees and new owners are paying association fees. This was a creative response to problems that had dragged on for years. Ed does whatever it takes to help the Village.


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