This Is our Village

Thursday, March 3, 2016


It's coming soon on March the fourth,
The long awaited elections.
With all the hype the question is:
Have you made your selections?

Dave's had six years, is that enough,
Or is there more to do?
Can we afford to not press on
With all the stuff that's new?

Refrigerator, washer, dryer,
Radio, phone, TV—
We adapted well when we were young,
But computers now, golly gee!

You need them for most everything;
One must admit they're dandy.
They are the way to stay in touch,
And they come in very handy.

The Village, thanks to Dave, has prospered
And kept up the steady pace.
With Phyllis R, I wonder, though,
If this would be the case?

I honestly don't think so,
I think that what you'd find
Is communications suffering
And the Village falling behind.

Property values now on the increase
Without Village-wide Wi-Fi
Would not keep up with other venues.
Buyers would tell us: "Bye bye."

So I think we'd all best cast our votes
For David and his crew,
And keep the improvements on the march,
For there is more to do!

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