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Monday, March 28, 2016


Image result for No Term LimitsFirst, do we really want to limit the choices of the voters? If they want to keep re-electing someone, I believe they should have the right to make that decision. Century Village has been well represented by UCO Officers who served for one or two terms with strong voter support, and who were than pushed out by Term Limits. Of course, there were Officers who were less than optimal, and were not supported at the next election, and were thus removed, with no need for Term Limits.
History, shows that voters are usually happy to return their own representatives. In the 2012 congressional elections, 91 percent of Senate and 90 percent of House incumbents were re-elected.
This concept was reflected in the UCO election of March 4, 2016. It is interesting to note, that those who support Term Limits are predominantly Malcontents, who received a strong message from Century Village Voters on March 4. "thanks, but no thanks" was the message reflected in the final vote tally.
Thus one might conclude, that the only way one of these meeting disrupters or law suit launchers, or those who fill the INTERNET with the most vile postings, could possibly get elected would be if the productive long serving UCO Officers were pushed out by Term Limits.
Another reason I advise against term limits is because governing the United Civic Organization is very complicated. The complex work in UCO is done in committees, and there is a reason why seniority has always been important in them. It takes more than a term or two to fully understand the intricacies of Corporation law, Condo law, the agreements that define the relationship between UCO and WPRF, the regular interaction with the County Commission, the maintenance of Village infrastructure...Etc. The same kind of experience-driven expertise is needed in every major UCO  committee, and among the Officers who make critical decisions.
All Officers of UCO rely on Committee staff to help them cope with the enormous volume of information they must process. I am proud to have served for six years as your UCO President, and the Committee people I worked with are nearly all smart, dedicated and competent. But they are still staff, and I don't believe unelected officials should make final voting decisions. That could happen far too often if Term Limits were instituted, and inexperienced Officers had to rely too heavily on Committees that knew far more than they did about different areas of Village operations.
So, on Friday, the choice will be in the hands of the Delegates, so show up and make your voices heard, as for me, as long as I am capable of moving the Village forward, and the voters are willing to have me; I will continue to serve. The choice should be yours!
Dave Israel

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