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Monday, March 28, 2016



One again, thanks to those who persist in bringing this issue up, a proposed change to the UCO bylaws will be considered at this Friday's (April 1) Delegate Assembly. If passed the bylaws will be changed to implement term limits. The pertinent bylaw would then read: "…no officer shall serve more than two consecutive two-year terms in the same office."

We need all clear-thinking delegates at Friday's Delegate Assembly to vote this measure DOWN.

It has been voted down before, more than once, but the "malcontents" keep bringing it up because our present bylaws permit them to. Even though the measure may be defeated at the Advisory Committee, Officers Committee and Executive Board levels, it still goes before the Delegate Assembly, whose vote counts.

Term limits serves the purposes of the "malcontents," because it gets rid of Dave Israel and much of his administration—the folks you just voted in overwhelmingly— the easy way, by forcing them out when the next elections take place.

Delegates, please attend Friday's meeting and as Barbara Cornish has recommended, VOTE TERM LIMITS DOWN.        

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