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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Shame on Esther

Shame on Esther for her nastiness and lies. Has anyone spoken to Bob lately? I have at different times. There is nothing wrong with his speech, his brain or memory. The Association I live in will vote for Bob Marshall for Vice President!


  1. Personal attacks make me lose respect for the people who make them. Bob Marshall will serve us well as he has for many years.

  2. We are very fortunate that with his experience as both UCO president and vice president, Bob Marshall has volunteered to serve another term as vice president. He has not only helped countless residents who have come to UCO for assistance over the years, but he has helped some of our first-time vice presidents learn the ropes. I suspect this good man may get ten times the work done by the one or two malcontents who are so unjustly critical of him.


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