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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Won't anyone answer The Nutmegger?

Are Unit Owners from one Association allowed to advertise on the other 308 AssociationBoards?When I moved to CV I was told that the catwalks have to be free of any objects and thatit is a fire rule to protect unit owners from hazardous falls. Is this rule still in efffect?
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  1. Why not use common sense instead of looking for more rules. Our building has 2 bulletin boards, one marked for our Board's use, the other clearly used by all kinds of others and services. You may post on the latter but we will keep it tidy and remove anonymous rants.
    If there is only one bulletin board marked 'Board Only' then you got your rule.

    Re catwalks: It is probably a fire dept rule but it is also common sense not to have obstacles on the cat walks since slip and fall is such a common claim here. Your association should want to reduce insurance claims.

  2. Elaine:

    I am using common sense. We only
    have 1 bulletin board and nowhere
    does it say strictly only for our
    Assn. I do remember that one of
    our present VP's told me and
    another unit owner to never allow
    anyone to advertise on our bulletin
    board and if they try to remove it
    immediately. The reason I asked
    is I know of 1 Assn. who is trying
    to rent a condo and wants to put
    an ad on all bulletin boards.

  3. Add this to the above comment.
    My THANKS to mllwpbfl for being
    so thoughtful and caring. The
    world should have more people
    like you.

    Thanks Again

  4. As far as any specific code violation for items left on catwalks, I have a call in to Darlene Miller, office of the Fire Marshall, PBC.

    When she returns my call, I'll post her comments.

  5. hi,guys,a little lesson for you so you can understand. one: one must get permission from the president or a board member to post on your bulletin board. second: there is a law about the amount of room that must be on the cat walks and i have that in print in the statutes at the uco office if you need it. i got it from the fire marshall early on when i was giving info re: the lifts. come on in and will be happy to give you a copy.


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