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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Unsigned Accusations: Seriously?

What a disappointment! Yesterday at the Candidates Forum, we had a Century Village to be proud of: adults in the room candidly asking and answering questions. Today we get a letter in the mail full of accusations dropped at our doors from people without the decency or the courage to sign it. Whoever you are, you destroyed your credibility. If you are ashamed to sign your name, you must know your claims don't hold water.

David, those of us who know you and have followed your administration know that this letter contains distortions and inaccuracies. They aren't worth addressing. We all need to ask ourselves if we want to vote for people who will stand behind what they say. Truth, indeed. People who tell the truth sign their names.

Since the letter included a list of candidates to vote for with Frank Cornish's name at the top of the list, we might assume that Frank either wrote this or supports it. If not, he should refute it. Anonymous letters are not the way good, credible candidates communicate or allow themselves to be represented.

Unsigned direct mail has no credibility and neither do candidates who resort to it.


  1. Hi all,

    Can anyone identify, on this BLOG, any of the individuals delivering the "poison pen" unsigned letter?

    Dave Israel

  2. What a pile of rubbish. The person or persons who are responsible for this really don't have the conviction of their trash. They cannot stand up for what they believe and need to hide for in their deep dark hearts they know what they wrote to be a pile of trash. He, she or they have no integrity and need to print filth for a possible win. I want a UCO team with integrity. Not their list of names.

  3. The anonymous people must be very angry to wallow around in the muck of issues that were solved and answered many times. I am sorry you are so unhappy but bashing is not solving your problem, nor helping the village.


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