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Friday, March 2, 2012


Hi all,
How observant are you, some months ago, in the UCO Reporter, a so called letter to the Editor was planted which in effect laid down a new requirement to hold office in UCO. Namely, "Glad Handing" in the Clubhouse, or anywhere else on Campus. This appears to involve "being seen" in the lobby, at Club meetings Etc. shaking hands with everyone, with big false smiles on your face. "look at me" this Candidate is saying, "you know who I am"; implying that this is reason to vote for him!!
Of course, in the next millisecond, this same Candidate may be seen browbeating and intimidating bus riders, for the cardinal sin of desiring to board the bus for an excursion trip!!
I on the other hand, do not commandeer UCO vehicles to junket about Campus "being seen" , "pressing the flesh" and barking orders like a newly minted Army corporal. 
Managing UCO business, requires hard knowledge of  Law and Bylaw, and the ability to do the research necessary to actually solve problems. When I first took Office as UCO President, UCO Operations was in the Dark Ages as regards Information Technology. Now we have emerged full blown in the 21st. Century, and we continue to move forward.
Vote for continued progress, deny the Glad-Hander and the Rage-monger and send him home forever; vote for Dave Israel for UCO President!

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