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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Man in Lake

This morning around 10:30 I started up my car and was getting ready to leave. It's always my habit to look out on the lake where the clubhouse is. I always enjoy the view. I couldn't believe my eyes because there was a man standing in the water. I thought I was seeing things. I was horrified. When my husband came out of the house, I told him about the man in the water. He called out to him to get out of the water and also told him there are alligators. He told my husband that he was born in Florida and to mind his business. There was a lot of profound language back and forth. That took a lot of nerve on this man's part because my husband was only concerned for his welfare.

I know there is a rule not to bathe or stand in the water. Besides, if anything happened to him and another person tried to help him and got hurt, it would have been a disaster. I know now this man is probably mentally disturbed. You have to be crazy to go into the lake water.

Security should check out the picnic grounds by the clubhouse.


  1. I assume there was also profane as well as profound language.

  2. Will his language work on water moccasins and snapping turtles!

  3. I suggest that you call security when you see something amiss such as this. We have to help be their eyes and ears because they can can't be everywhere every minute of the day.


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