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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where are all the Bloggers?

Hi all,

Where are all the Bloggers.



  1. Well, I believe many of the bloggers are gone back North. I for one. Will be back next Fall. I already miss Century Village. Have a great summer everyone!!!!

  2. I,for one, am chasing down repairmen, a/c maintenance, prepping pantry for the coming hurricane season, and really need to finish home inventory and take some pix ---pretty much tied to home caring for the invalid mom-may as well hit spring cleaning while I'm at it ---wish I could have gotten to transp. meeting today - curious about what hours are being cut and sched change for summer as I totally depend on the CV bus system.

  3. well I am either too late for april transp or way too early for May transp meeting ---but I still am concerned re bus sched -

  4. There are plenty people reading the blog. But I suspect many bloggers think this is Dave's resource information blog and they are not needed to write anything. I would like to see more writers with ideas from around the village and info on unpublished events (fun).

  5. Hi Elaine,
    April 17, 2012 2:53 PM,

    Thank you Elaine, I have prayed that this were the case since founding the BLOG.

    I continue to live in hope that folks will engage in this Communications channel.

    Dave Israel

  6. Well, I guess I started something, 5 comments! not bad :-)

  7. Marc, Google stats say 523 page views yesterday, and 13,513 pageviews last month. Do you remember the days when we got endless comments on whether the cheese was moldy under the parmesan lids at the local pizza place!

  8. Whether I am here or away I always read the blog. That is what is great about it, you don't have to be here to read or respond to it. As well you can read the Reporter on line from the blog. Thank you Dave. What a wonderful resource for the Village.

  9. I am relatively new to Century Village. Starting my pre-retirement phase here in West Palm Beach, but still working full-time at age 57. Since I have limited time to engage fully in CV activities, meetings and community comraderie, I really appreciate the blog and the information it provides. Thank you!


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