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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Another voice against term limits

On Friday at Delegate Assembly we will be asked to vote yet again on term limits for UCO officers. We’ve already voted the proposal down several times, but supporters have said they will keep bringing it up again and again until they get term limits reinstated. That doesn’t change the fact that in a community like ours term limits are not necessary. The arguments against term limits have not changed:

Officers who choose to run for election after two consecutive terms are not guaranteed to win. Delegates will decide with their votes whether someone deserves another term. As we’ve said many times, “If you don’t like who’s running, vote the bum out.” We owe it to people who have served us well to give them a chance to continue helping us. People with bad records don’t typically try to run, and we wouldn’t vote for them anyway.

We keep hearing that new people can’t win when incumbents remain in office beyond two terms. Nothing could be further from the truth: People don’t lose elections because an incumbent is running (ask George Bush Sr. and Jimmy Carter). They lose because they haven’t won the trust of the voters. They lose because their ideas don’t capture voters’ imaginations. They lose because they haven’t made their case. Don’t let term limits be an excuse for losing elections.

We have great precedent for removing term limits. Individual towns and states in this country have the right to set term limits or not. Many mayors in American towns and cities (roughly comparable to our community) have served well for many years, and the same is true for state governors. And when they don’t, they are voted out. Repeat: voted out.

We need good people to serve. In the past two UCO elections we had only two people running for President. People come to the Village to retire and enjoy their lives as they choose, and that doesn’t often include volunteer service. We have a few good men and women who do choose to serve and we need the institutional knowledge and experience they’ve gained over the years. We need them in roles that can continue making a difference. Someone new will come along one day and make us stand up and take notice. Term limits won’t get in their way.

Delegates, please do not give in to voter fatigue when term limits comes up for vote on Friday. Vote no on reinstating term limits. Remember: Your vote determines who wins elections. You don’t need term limits to tell you how to vote.   

Term Limits are Forced Retirement

Forced retirement loses your experience base and hurts your company.
I have seen the damage to companies who force healthy skilled people out. That is what term limits do. UCO is no longer an easy-peasy smoke and mirrors business. It uses a great deal of technology and new thinking that was not around 10 years ago. The companies that UCO does business with are also new thinkers and operators. The future needs even more experience and skill.
UCO does not have lots of staff and factotums to carry clueless leaders. (An obvious misconception by some people recently). UCO is economical to our benefit and uses volunteers wherever possible.

Vote no on term limits and keep your freedom of choice.  

Monday, March 28, 2016



One again, thanks to those who persist in bringing this issue up, a proposed change to the UCO bylaws will be considered at this Friday's (April 1) Delegate Assembly. If passed the bylaws will be changed to implement term limits. The pertinent bylaw would then read: "…no officer shall serve more than two consecutive two-year terms in the same office."

We need all clear-thinking delegates at Friday's Delegate Assembly to vote this measure DOWN.

It has been voted down before, more than once, but the "malcontents" keep bringing it up because our present bylaws permit them to. Even though the measure may be defeated at the Advisory Committee, Officers Committee and Executive Board levels, it still goes before the Delegate Assembly, whose vote counts.

Term limits serves the purposes of the "malcontents," because it gets rid of Dave Israel and much of his administration—the folks you just voted in overwhelmingly— the easy way, by forcing them out when the next elections take place.

Delegates, please attend Friday's meeting and as Barbara Cornish has recommended, VOTE TERM LIMITS DOWN.        


Image result for No Term LimitsFirst, do we really want to limit the choices of the voters? If they want to keep re-electing someone, I believe they should have the right to make that decision. Century Village has been well represented by UCO Officers who served for one or two terms with strong voter support, and who were than pushed out by Term Limits. Of course, there were Officers who were less than optimal, and were not supported at the next election, and were thus removed, with no need for Term Limits.
History, shows that voters are usually happy to return their own representatives. In the 2012 congressional elections, 91 percent of Senate and 90 percent of House incumbents were re-elected.
This concept was reflected in the UCO election of March 4, 2016. It is interesting to note, that those who support Term Limits are predominantly Malcontents, who received a strong message from Century Village Voters on March 4. "thanks, but no thanks" was the message reflected in the final vote tally.
Thus one might conclude, that the only way one of these meeting disrupters or law suit launchers, or those who fill the INTERNET with the most vile postings, could possibly get elected would be if the productive long serving UCO Officers were pushed out by Term Limits.
Another reason I advise against term limits is because governing the United Civic Organization is very complicated. The complex work in UCO is done in committees, and there is a reason why seniority has always been important in them. It takes more than a term or two to fully understand the intricacies of Corporation law, Condo law, the agreements that define the relationship between UCO and WPRF, the regular interaction with the County Commission, the maintenance of Village infrastructure...Etc. The same kind of experience-driven expertise is needed in every major UCO  committee, and among the Officers who make critical decisions.
All Officers of UCO rely on Committee staff to help them cope with the enormous volume of information they must process. I am proud to have served for six years as your UCO President, and the Committee people I worked with are nearly all smart, dedicated and competent. But they are still staff, and I don't believe unelected officials should make final voting decisions. That could happen far too often if Term Limits were instituted, and inexperienced Officers had to rely too heavily on Committees that knew far more than they did about different areas of Village operations.
So, on Friday, the choice will be in the hands of the Delegates, so show up and make your voices heard, as for me, as long as I am capable of moving the Village forward, and the voters are willing to have me; I will continue to serve. The choice should be yours!
Dave Israel


A PLEA to all delegates..VOTE TERM LIMITS DOWN! Remember you have the power to vote for who you want in  or out of office.  Put we should allow all of our residents the right to run for what ever office they want.  Thank You!

Friday, March 25, 2016


All sane and thinking CVers owe Don Foster and UCO a big thanks for the hard work accomplished on our infrastructure over the past number of months.  I have dealt with all UCO maintenance people since the days of Pat B.  In his short time on the job, Don has gotten more done --against many odds and barriers--than our last two CAMs combined.  We all should wish him continued success in the job.


UCO Officers Committee Meeting - March 24, 2016 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.

Friday, March 18, 2016


Dave Israel

The Little Fairies were active on St. Patrick’s Day

I would like to thank the person who was able to connect with those leprechauns that magically removed this injured truck yesterday.

I’m sure many residents observed that the truck above was dead in the water in a Guest parking spot in front of Berkshire I.

Perhaps we can have some more mischievous behavior by the little people that will result in positive outcomes like this one.

Century Village go Bragh !




Thursday, March 17, 2016


Dave Israel


Dave Israel


UCO Installation Luncheon 2016 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.


    i thought at one time Century Village had some community parking for RV’s and boats on trailers.
If there was such an area is this area still available?
Another question: If my association is okay with me parking 23’ boat on association property, does Century Village have any overriding regulation that would not allow it?
Thank you.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

IRS Pretenders

 I got an "IRS" threatening phone call yesterday, they are busy in our area. Make sure your neighbors do not listen to them and DO NOT CALL BACK!
"Taxpayers across the nation face a deluge of

 these aggressive phone scams. Don't be

 fooled by callers pretending to be from the

IRS in an attempt to steal your money," said

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. “We

continue to say if you are surprised to

be hearing from us, then you're not hearing

from us.”

"There are many variations. The caller may

threaten you with arrest or court action to trick

you into making a payment,” Koskinen added.

 “Some schemes may say you're entitled to a

huge refund. These all add up to trouble."

Sunday, March 13, 2016


March 13, 2016     Palm Beach Post:


President seeks broadband for 20 million more.

President Obama backing a plan to connect low-income families to more affordable broadband services has set a goal to get 20 million people subscribed to high speed internet by 2020.

In a Facebook post, Obama said a lack of broadband at home took a particularly harsh toll on students caught in a "homework gap" unable to complete school assignments because the work requires access to the Web.
"All of American's students should be able to get online, no matter where they live or how much their parents make Obama wrote: "We're calling this effort ConnectALL and it's not just good for students, It's good for folks looking for jobs or workers hoping to learn new skills.
The White House also released a report outlining the economic effects of broadband adoption, focused on how families without broadband at home are at a disadvantage in finding jobs.  Job seekers who search online find employment 25 percent faster that those who use traditional methods like newspaper classifieds, according to a report released by the Council of Economic Advisors.
MY aside.  How much pleasure do we grandparents get out of being able to keep almost daily contact with our families.  My granddaughters and my son send us pictures all the time.  We can talk on Skype if we choose.  The over 55 people take computer courses at rate that surpasses many of the other ages although the young learn it by osmosis and come here and teach their grandparents how to use our cellphones, ipads, kindles and cameras?
Isn't it odd that our negative people have turned down WIFI many times.  Those of us who want it should absolutely support OUR President as he tries to get us into the 21st Century.  Another plus is that  WIFI villages sell better and at higher prices as compared to NON-WIFI equipped communities.
I love it here, our village is beautiful and full of activities that put many other communities to shame.  We have the best.

UCO Election Contrast and Compare

The Richland Campaign was Energetic. They pounded the Village for months and months, creating biased clubs and holding political meetings, spending money, providing free food, a deluge of blogging (3) and a newsletter to mislead the village, disrupting meetings and mudslinging, posting signs, and promotional t-shirts and ads. Impressive manipulation.
Team Dave had a flyer the last month, a button and a couple of ads. Why? because they were spending most of their time in serious work for UCO and the Village.
Even so the Delegates came thru for experience and intelligence.


Saturday, March 12, 2016


I cannot speak for Bob Rivera, but I can speak for myself. "Eduardo" writes on Gary's blog: "I regret being as harsh as I was toward Mr. Rivera’s unprovoked attack and I would hope that he would refrain from any repeat performance.  However, let me be clear that should I be attacked again, I will be ready to defend my reputation and the reputation of those who are close to me." Eduardo then goes on to reveal who he is, Edward J. Ross, as many of us suspected, although I thought for a while it was Gary Olman himself.

In a touching P.S. he writes: "So that there is no more – maybe, could be, might be – regarding my pen name, -- when I was in school, I played a lot of ice hockey.  We had in our small sports town the League of Nations, and a number of these kids were Hispanic.  I was a defenseman and these certain Spanish-speaking players got very friendly especially when I was doing a good job.  I was then called EDUARD and then EDUARDO.  I fit in, -- it stuck, and I only use it now when writing about all of the nonsense happenings in the Village."

Good for you, Eduardo. Thank you, and if you don't mind I'll just continue calling you Eduardo, because I like the name. Your apology is healing as far as I am concerned, and were you here I would be shaking your hand. Let's you and I anyway totally forget your little "explosion." We all pop off from time to time. The trick, I guess, is to learn to bite our tongues. I have two boys who were into ice hockey, by the way. Up north we lived on a pond, and they could go right off our land onto the ice. They made goals out of 2x4s and chain link fencing for the whole neighborhood to use. Also, I am now off the steamed clams, Eduardo. I'm afraid I got a bit of food poisoning at that little restaurant in Palm Beach Gardens a couple of years ago. It lasted five days, and though I love the little buggers, I haven't dared try them again—at any restaurant.
                                                                       --Lanny Howe 

Gator is faster than you

If you ever think a gator is relaxing, watch this

Friday, March 11, 2016

UCO Committee Membership

APPLICATIONS FOR UCO COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP   can be found at UCO reception lobby, or on Blog Interactive Forms on left sidebar.   
Show what you can do.

New Free Balance Class

Elder Affairs surmounted many obstacles to bring us this class, please give them a try, it is gentle, effective and fun.

Balance Classes FREE
manage falls and increase activity safely
3/17 - 4/28/2016
9:00 - 11:00 AM
Century Village Clubhouse
Classroom B

FREE funded by Elder Affairs 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


There are all kinds of people. Many just flat-out enjoy working with Dave Israel and his administration. Some enjoy working with him but disagree on certain points— however, they know how to major on the major and minor on the minor. That's a very normal situation in any enterprise.

Then there are others who would prefer to not work with Dave's administration but are totally turned off by the people in the malcontent camp. Beyond this there are those IN the malcontent camp who are not "hard core" (abusive and vile in their comments)—or if they have been on one or two occasions, are not repeatedly this way and may regret words spoken out of season.

Finally, there are the hard-core handful, who never cease their vile harangues, who are the most vocal, whose hatred is so palpable and appears to eat them up. The last—amazingly—presumptuously expect to be welcomed back into the fold the day after they have been roundly defeated at the polls! Dream on, diehards. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Mr. Neil Moore...are you a owner or a renter...Where are you?  You seem to write like you are here.
Why don't you come in and volunteer if you are a owner and give some help and advice to our village. You seem to be so good in giving advice to Boca...

Monday, March 7, 2016


A ridiculous and embarrassing story in the March 2-15 CONDO NEWS Century Village column by the second Mrs. Lowenstein has Phyllis Richland as the UCO President.  Time to hang it up Dottie

Saturday, March 5, 2016



Delegate Assembly 3-4-2016 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.


Hi all,
Below, find the Preliminary Final Tally Sheet. In short order, Honest Ballot Association will forward a Formal Certification of our Village election.
I and my team thank you for your support, and look forward to the next two years in service to Our Village:
Dave Israel



From Fred Hadley, Publisher
The Village Sentry, CVW

In your sister village to the south, we still can't attend committee meetings in person or view them on CH 63 or online, which may be taken for granted in DAVELAND, but is strenuously resisted by the SULTANS OF SECRECY here in Century Village, Boca Raton.

Dave, please clone yourself and come down here and clean up this un-American, un-democratic cabal of repressive leadership who believe Statute 718 is a dirty word. See this video on YouTube to see how we had to ask Sen. Abruzzo for legislative relief in the current session to grant us the rights to access documents and committee meetings that are a given under Dave Israel.

CVWPB remains the GOLD STANDARD for using technology to provide TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY! Congratulations on your DOUBLE-DIGIT trouncing of your opponentšŸ˜„!

Please Respect the Village

One more time, for those who have not read the signs on our Guard Houses.

The Oscar goes to Ed Black

And the Oscar goes to Ed Black. Glad to see recognition of your extraordinary work reflected in UCO VP votes. You help a continuous stream of residents every day and UCO not to mention your phone rings constantly, constantly! and .. as AMB said on the blog -
Ed Black is everywhere. When lightning strikes a guardhouse, Ed is the first on the scene. When anyone has a complex question on bylaws or 718 regulations or how associations can deal with foreclosures, Ed is the go-to person. He has served for years, often without benefit of office, as appointed chair of Security, Channel 63 and member of 13 committees from Bar Code Installation, IT, Disaster and CERT to Finance, Advisory, Infrastructure and Operations. He also served as Treasurer and Vice President.

Friday, March 4, 2016


"The truth will out," Gary Olman wrote in a recent post on his blog, and for once he has proved prescient. For the second election in a row Dave Israel's entire slate was elected, not a single malcontent having made officer. The only mals to get in got in because there were ten open positions on the Executive Board and exactly ten candidates.

Marc v said it right in his blog post when he wrote: "It's only those who do nothing that make no mistakes . . . . They try to convince people here how bad Dave is when they are really the bad ones! I have lived here in CV for thirteen years and I have seen how Dave has made CV a much better place to live, and the crew he has picked to be with him."

I have a suggestion for the malcontents: Try being helpful for a change. Realize that we all make mistakes and try to build up rather than tear down. This is within reach of some of you. Being the UCO president or being the editor of the UCO Reporter is a tough job. You do your best, but you cannot please everyone and you make mistakes.

If you are a "hard core" malcontent, one of those who (to use the term of an outsider, Frank Cerabino) have "vilified" Dave and others, you are in a little different position. You should not expect to come right back tomorrow into the good graces of those you have offended so grossly and with such venom. Healing takes time. Expecting to return immediately into their good graces would be presumptuous.

By the same token, as the "winners" in the election, may none of us gloat. God forbid. The kind of warring we have had ill befits us as a community. We won't always agree--that's normal. I don't always agree with myself! "Yes men" aren't the answer, but a kindness and a cooperative attitude underneath, I believe, will go a long way.

P.S. When Phyllis Richland, after first thinking she had won and then realizing she had not, went up on the dais to congratulate Dave, that was a class act, Dave told me afterward. It could not have been easy.


In each recent UCO election I have published my preferred list of those Candidates who I strongly believe will best serve the Residents of our Village. They have a strong record of fiduciary trust and financial responsibility. Please give the following Candidates favorable consideration when you cast your vote on March 4th., 2016.
I ask for your vote, and please return my team to Office.

President (one position open)
David Israel
Vice President (two positions open)
Ed Black 
Joy Vestal  
Treasurer (one position open)
Howard O'Brien 
Recording Secretary (one position open)
John Hess 
Corresponding Secretary (one position open)
Roberta "Bobbi" Levin   
 Executive Board (10 positions open)
George Franklin 
 Dom Guarnagia 
 Lori Torres  
 Christine Armour    
 Ken Davis  


One Day and a Wake up – UCO Elections are here!
By Dave Israel
I moved into Our Village circa 2000 – I have observed many UCO elections, but none were as foul and fundamentally nasty as the current evolution. A small group of dedicated persons, who embrace the title Malcontents, have waged a campaign based on continuous ad-hominem attacks. These attacks have been delivered by way of three Internet based blog sites and the launching of a yellow journalism so called newsletter called the CV-Messenger. This small group of Malcontents has utilized classical propaganda techniques. They have subtly wished me dead, compared me to Hitler, and a number of notorious fascists; they have generated gruesome images of me being shot in a concentration camp and me undergoing a post mortem, to reveal some sort of internal evils; along with a never ending stream of lies concerning acts that I have never committed nor contemplated. Most unfortunate is that my opponent, Ms. Richland, has openly and publicly in speech and in blog posts welcomed the support of the so called Messenger Club and thus condoned the lies in their entirety. This in light of the fact that any reasonable and right minded person would categorically reject the support of such disruptive and non-productive people. 
Consider these people who have disrupted our Delegate Assembly for the last five years. Some of these people actually have the consummate gall to aspire to office in the current election; one of these candidates has a law suit pending against us all, in the 15th. Judicial circuit for five million dollars. Should any of these persons actually get elected, it would represent an iconic example of the lunatics taking over the asylum: this is serious business folks, so it is time to publish names: I implore you, Delegates all, do not vote, for Edward Grossman, chronic disrupter of meetings and publisher of the CV Messenger, a vehicle of lies circulated on the INTERNET and viewed on a global scale, calculated to destroy the image of our Village. Do not vote for Olga Wolkenstein, who has published on the Internet the most vile and foul statements about me and others who support me. Do not vote for Mr. Karpf, who is suing us all for five million dollars, not a single vote should appear by his name. Do not vote for Ms. Ziccardy, who as Vice President of UCO spent her time ensconced in the UCO lobby disrupting UCO business operations to such an extent, that at time no business whatsoever could be conducted; she produced no useful work product in service to our Village whatsoever. These are by far the worst of the lot, but in another Post on this blog, I have asked that you place my highly productive Team in office; I hope you will consider doing so.
Over and above Ms. Richland’s avid support for this totally disruptive and divisive cabal of so called Malcontents, she orchestrated a fake so called Candidates Forum, wherein, she in essence attempted to trade a lunch of bagels and lox for votes. Those of you who went to this extravaganza, I hope you enjoyed the lunch, but please do not be co-opted by this bribe, or the bashing.
In my six years in office, I have in cooperation with a strong Team of avid workers and through recruitment of professionals with decades of practical experience in such fields as Insurance, Newspaper publishing, Computer Operations, Accounting; saved our unit owners literally millions of dollars, while streamlining UCO Operations and improving our infrastructure. If I and my Team are returned to Office, there will be more of the same. See it happen when you vote on March 4th.  on our new computer based touch screen election system. If re-elected, see the introduction of voting by electronic clickers at Delegate Assembly. With the cooperation of the Delegates, yes we will present a Broadband system for the entire Village, which will include major upgrades in our Cable TV package, and collaterally, Campus wide Wireless Communications. All of these things can happen, if we look forward, rather than endless carping about the past. Slowly, these steady improvements will positively impact the value of our units, and the curb appeal of our Village.
Dave Israel


Returned to office for another two years!!


March 4, 2016 

Dave Israel
Vice President
Ed Black
Joy Vestal

Howard O'Brien
Corresponding Secretary
Roberta 'Bobby' Levin
Recording Secretary
John Hess
Executive Board
George Franklin
Carlos Nunez  
Stewart Richland 
Jean Komis 
 Dom Guarnagia 
 Jack Adams 
 Lori Torres  
 Christine Armour    
 Ken Davis 
 Jerry Karpf 

Thursday, March 3, 2016


It's only those who do nothing that make no mistakes, I suppose. What have the malcontents done to improve CV nothing . They have only made things much worse for us who live here and enjoy CV. They try to convince people here how bad Dave is when they are really the bad ones! I have lived here in CV for thirteen years and I have seen how Dave has made CV a much better place to live, and the crew he has picked to be with him . Vote for Dave, and his picks  to keep on ,so that CV keeps on going in the right direction.  


It's coming soon on March the fourth,
The long awaited elections.
With all the hype the question is:
Have you made your selections?

Dave's had six years, is that enough,
Or is there more to do?
Can we afford to not press on
With all the stuff that's new?

Refrigerator, washer, dryer,
Radio, phone, TV—
We adapted well when we were young,
But computers now, golly gee!

You need them for most everything;
One must admit they're dandy.
They are the way to stay in touch,
And they come in very handy.

The Village, thanks to Dave, has prospered
And kept up the steady pace.
With Phyllis R, I wonder, though,
If this would be the case?

I honestly don't think so,
I think that what you'd find
Is communications suffering
And the Village falling behind.

Property values now on the increase
Without Village-wide Wi-Fi
Would not keep up with other venues.
Buyers would tell us: "Bye bye."

So I think we'd all best cast our votes
For David and his crew,
And keep the improvements on the march,
For there is more to do!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Profile of a Doer: Ed Black

Ed Black is everywhere. When lightning strikes a guardhouse, Ed is the first on the scene. When anyone has a complex question on bylaws or 718 regulations or how associations can deal with foreclosures, Ed is the go-to person. He has served for years, often without benefit of office, as appointed chair of Security, Channel 63 and member of 13 committees from Bar Code Installation, IT, Disaster and CERT to Finance, Advisory, Infrastructure and Operations. He also served as Treasurer and Vice President.

Ed has been a resident of Century Village for 14 years. He served his country as a Vietnam veteran assigned to Air Force Security Services and spent nine months in a program at Yale to become a Chinese interpreter. Ed spearheaded the WPRF Asset Recovery Program so that WPRF could take over underwater units to free associations from oppressive costs and foreclosures. To date 25 units have benefited from the program. The win-win is that underwater units now pay WPRF fees and new owners are paying association fees. This was a creative response to problems that had dragged on for years. Ed does whatever it takes to help the Village.



If you want something done, ask a busy person.
                              —Benjamin Franklin
Joy Vestal epitomizes the above quote by Benjamin Franklin. Ed Black "found" her. Somehow he learned that she had had 50 years of experience working for Newsday, the Long Island daily newspaper. What a find it was at a needed time for our Village newspaper, the UCO ReporterJoy and Myron Silverman now coedit the publication, which gets kudos from all over, inside and outside the Village.

I wondered how Joy would handle being a UCO vice president two years ago. It seemed like a heavy workload. I needn't have worried. She has done a superb job at BOTH tasks and loves what she does. The VP job was not quite as easy as she thought it would be, but with a little help from others, especially Bob Marshall, she soon learned the ropes.

You will find Joy at UCO or at the Reporter office, but just because she is at the Reporter doesn't stop her from helping folk in her capacity as VP. Only yesterday I saw her at her Reporter desk patiently walking a resident through a difficult time she was having.

Don't let anyone tell you "It's time for a change" with Joy—or for that matter with any of Dave Israel's team. They are experienced and dedicated and work very well together.

Finally, to Bob Marshall, retiring as UCO vice president, thank you for your years of service to this Village, including getting us through the hurricane years when you were UCO president. Yours has been a steady hand at the tiller.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Hello, I hope all the delegates have polled their buildings and will make sure they get to vote between
8am and 9am on this Friday, March 4th.   Remember delegates - 1st come ...will be able to vote.
In my opinion as working with David Israel for the past year I don't believe we have much of a choice.VOTE FOR DAVID ISRAEL and keep our village moving in the right direction.

Wasteful Spending?????

What wasteful spending is Ed Grossman writing about??? He is running for Treasurer. Throwing out  a blurb like he is did without itemizing is nonsense. If he has any knowledge of wasteful spending then he should itemize it or keep quiet. Is he trying to make himself look good?? The treasurer write the checks for items purchased and contract payments. Does he want to stop paying for work done that he does not agree with???? Vote for Howard O'Brien. He is doing a great job!!!
Blogmeister adds:
David Israel

Anyone who orchestrates a  luncheon for 300 of bagels and lox is the queen of wasteful spending.
Remember, that Candidate Richland was in charge of a luncheon which she held at the Kravis and which was catered by the Breakers. For this extravaganza, she spewed $7,000.00 of unit owner money!!

So, is this what Mr. Grossman calls wasteful spending?? I certainly would.